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Croissant café

Croissant café

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About the product

You know that intoxicating smell of fresh coffee and croissant? Now you can feel it on your skin too. Get ready for a smooth aroma of coffee and roasted, very warm and round tones of caramel, vanilla and milk. Or do you rather smell a sweet and mysteriously woody cappuccino with grated tonka bean?



head: diacetyl, sulfurol

body: coumarin, Brazilian tonka

base: Spanish juniper, coffee, American cedar, sesame extract, timbersilk

Additional information

Portable 15ml size, practical bottle, in elm concentrated perfumes, between 30-38% compared to the average 15% of classic eau de parfum

Free of alcohol, BHT / BHA, UV filters, dyes, CMR, additives

Direct application - ROLL-ON.

Alcohol-free perfume, oil base, moisturizes and does not irritate the skin, for use even in the sun and for sensitive skin, for tattoos. Designed in harmony with nature.

This perfume smells good, is original, genderless and vegan.

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