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Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks

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About the product

Smoking is an ancient and sacred indigenous ritual designed to purify the soul, body and even the space around you. There are three types of bundles on offer.


Unwrap the bundle, gently remove its paper wrapper. Then grab the bundle in your hand and light it with fire. Hold the bundle over the fire for a short time, approximately 30-40 seconds. Ideally, hold the bundle against the flame so that it flows beautifully down the bundle. Blow out the fire and you'll be left with a bundle gently smoldering and smoking. Diffuse the smoke around your entire body or space. Place on a ceramic tray.

INGREDIENTS in individual bundles:

PURE WHITE SAGE SMUDGE - 100% dried white sage

WHITE SAGE + ROSEMARY SMUDGE - 100% dried white sage, dried rosemary

EUCALYPTUS SMUDGE - 100% dried eucalyptus

The bundle size is approximately 10-11cm.

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